Krave Mega Pants

First pant in the world designed specifically for Krav Maga, with the greatest mobility and comfort during intense action training on the ground or standing.
With 4-way stretch material for easier deep squats, kicks, knees, rolling and more! And an expandable elastic waistband
Made from the same heavy-duty, highly durable material as our Krav Maga Tactical BDU pant, but it fits like a traditional martial arts Gi pant. You’ll have full mobility for kicks, knees, squats, rolling and more!
• Reinforced side seams for enduring repetitive kicks, rolling and more
• Front pocket engineered so you can easily add school or gym logos
• Back pocket designed to hold knives and other weapons during certain training exercises
• Great for daily use
• Made from durable, heavy-duty hyper stretch 97% cotton/3% spandex twill with a soft hand

Versus Fightwears Co.
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