Taekwondo Gloves

Taekwondo Gloves
Breathable Mesh Design
The better breathable effect can reduce hand sweating.
Adjustable Long Wrist strap
Magic velcro in the wrist and elastic cloth in the palm meet adjustment and stay double stable. Suitable for men women kids
Large Grip Bar
Cylindrical elastic bars make your fist feel more powerful, resulting in a better moving experience.
Add Protection Pad
The design of the side joint protection zone can better protect your hand and prevent injury.
Tower Fabric Absorb Sweat
The thumb of the glove is lined with a protective pad made of sponge material, which has strong water absorption and can play a role in wiping sweat during training.
PU leather and EVA Material
Top PU leather on the surface: Smooth, Soft and Wear-resistant.
High-density EVA sponge Filler: With Good resilience.

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